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Our Story

The idea for Open Air started when Jordan and Lauren did three cross-country roadtrips from LA to NYC and back. Avid travelers and nature lovers, they were shocked when they couldn’t find unique, one-of-a-kind nature-driven stays near the parks that they were accustomed to abroad or even in Hudson Valley, New York. The only options were camping, overpriced glamping, or RV-ing – and as much as they love nature, they wanted something more luxurious to unwind to after a long day of hiking. 

Jordan and Lauren shared their dismay with Paul, who has been best friends with Jordan (and consequently, Lauren) since they attended Cornell. As a successful multi-family home real-estate investor, Paul was also shocked to learn about the massive gap in the National Park hospitality market. Having all traveled together to parks like Banff in Canada, the three best friends realized there was a massive need for luxurious, attainable and unique stays near National Parks in the United States. Thus, Open Air was born…

Our Passions

Open Air is the perfect marriage of three of Paul, Jordan and Lauren’s deepest passions – travel, hospitality, and design. They plan to infuse this passion into every aspect of their business.

As a surgeon, tech and marketing professionals by trade, Paul, Jordan and Lauren are also incredibly passionate about creating and educating working professionals about alternative passive investments. Open Air is founded and funded by a community of investors – together we will not only own and advance the National Park hospitality market, but we will also collaborate on the future of guest experiences in our uniquely engaging community.

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The Future

We have big plans for Open Air. We want to capture the market of National Park tourism in its entirety. As we start to build our first location, near Great Smoky Mountains National Park, we will continue to look ahead and scope out land to scale across all national park locations in the United States – and eventually grow internationally too.

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